Sandeep Bafna

Sandeep Bafna

Director Travel India Company

About TIC:
Founded in 2004
Head Office: Bangalore, Karnataka

Domestic Travelers:
Indian clientele and markets have matured and evolved over a period of time now. The Indians have started traveling and this trend is getting better and bigger every day. Travel India Company very well understands this and is very efficiently catering to the needs of fellow Indians who want to go to South of India. And after every trip, the customers come back only to compliment saying this could not have been arranged in a better way. This time and again, only proves our specialization for Karnataka, Kerala & Tamilnadu, as a DMC.

Inbound Travelers
India, and South India especially, as a destination has seen a surge and steady growth in foreign tourists coming in to South India as a result of marketing and promotional activities done by Indian government. “Atithi Devo Bhavo” meaning “Guest is God” is how we welcome and treat international tourists coming to India. We at Travel India Company have been working the best of the itineraries and costing, while negotiating with all the leading hoteliers and other service providers to give the very best of the holiday moments while tourists are in South India.

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